Bring this Event to your Venue

Kartogrifa In-Flux is now available to travel. This event would be suitable in many environments – Schools, Libraries, Galleries, Festivals – as well as engaging on many different levels. Lets keep the conversation going!

The project’s aim is to open a space of conversation with no end. The conversation is thinking-in-action. The ‘building alternative futures’ is the action intrinsic in the thinking and talking – the conversation. It begins the process of designing the thinking around alternative futures, highlighting ‘options’. An audience interacting with the project should find themselves engaged in translating differences into values. This action is ambiguous. What is to be valued is simultaneously the singular, the practical that is read in the narrative such as the value of custodianship, and the plural, the openness of translation of  differences that is also to be valued. The nodes of connection, prime for translation, are the commonalities in difference, the areas where common points of convergence allow for common intercultural understanding.

The project, through visual and textual narrative story telling, guides the reader through the translation process. It creates a space where it becomes possible to contemplate different imaginaries. At the project’s heart is the recognition of the urgent need for a world to shift its trajectory away from homogenised universal thought. The project has its roots in global thinking, with a connection to local thinking; by bringing to light alternative possibilities via a ‘rejected’ history in which Australian Indigenous knowledge was recognised upon ‘arrival’. The project, when engaged at any level, should be driven by an emphasis on difference, bringing down the notion of the world as a singular.

So, here are a few examples of the project can achieve this:

High Schools (or Primary Schools!)

Kartogrifa In-Flux is travelling to a high school shortly where I will provide briefing and debriefing lectures, and work with the school on a pedagogical package for the students and teachers. The session may last for around 3 hours, depending on the number of students. Of course, this should be tailored to each school’s needs, size and age bracket.


Kartogrifa In-Flux is most suitable for placement in a library situation, such as in the Qld State Libraries Kuril-Dhagun Indigenous Knowledge Centre, or at a Talking Circle, or perhaps in one of the more quiet gallery spaces near John Oxley Library entrance. This setting is most interesting as it would give viewers time, in a quiet situation to absorb the full visual and textual narrative, and reflect in solitude.


Kartogrifa In-Flux holds its weight as aesthetically engaging visual communication design. Therefore it is most suitable for a gallery situation such as in the Gold Coast Arts Centre. Again, as is true for the library setting, the gallery setting gives room to viewers to reflect with time, and in solitude.


Much like the Kartogrifa In-Flux MiamiMarketta opening as seen in the pictures on this website, the Event is perfect for numerous Cultural and Arts festivals. Bleach festival have registered interest, where Kartogrifa will be in an outdoor open space environment with many hundreds of people passing by. This setting will create its own unique set of conversations around the ‘table’.

I am completely open to discuss any type of customised, unique venues/ situations that Kartogrifa In-Flux might work within. I am prepared to either be an invisible curator of the event, or actively engage in panels, discussions and lectures about the event and the underpinning theory from which Kartogrifa resides. If you would like to know more about the creator of Kartogrifa In-Flux please go to my website

Contact for more info


Tristan Schultz

Phone: [+61] 0421 247 288