Footage screengrab shots from Kartogrifa In-Flux opening night

In time, Kartogrifa In-Flux opening event will be consolidated into a short video package, so please stay tuned. Going through all the moving footage has made me extremely excited about making the video. There are patterns that can be noticed throughout the night, people touching certain objects, moving in slow and contemplative ways. These screengrabs from the video files are an attempt to show how people interacted with the event. I am sincerely looking forward to taking the Kartogrfia In-Flux event elsewhere; to schools, libraries, festivals and galleries and keeping the conversation going. The beauty will be in how these different environments affect the way people interact with Kartogrifa…Will it be the same as the shots suggest, or, in front of different audiences such as children, or academics, will people interact in different ways? No matter what, Kartogrifa, his story, and the conversation he brings to light, lives on.